Forensic Psychology

Course Code: PSYC 3500

Academic Year: 2018-2019

Many believe that the psychology of crime deals mainly with the factors that contribute to criminal behavior yet forensic psychology is much richer than this. This course is intended to highlight the many specialized disciplines that contribute to the study and understanding of forensic psychology. Students are exposed to a wide variety of issues associated with the intersection between clinical and behavioral presentations and criminal behavior, including fitness to stand trial; criminal responsibility; classification, assessment, and treatment of mentally disordered and suicide offenders; punishment and rehabilitation; police practices, legal decision making, prediction of danger and risk assessment; criminal profiling; and special needs populations. Through a combination of interactive lectures, in-class activities, and multimedia, students have an opportunity to review and critique relevant literature and controversial topics in the management of offenders. Case study examples are used to illustrate various scenarios in theory and practice.