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Bachelor of Child and Youth Care

Field Placement: Each semester, students practice and apply CYC principals in a 30 hour field placement project. These Field Projects are designed by students and community partners.

Internship/Practicum: Prior to entering their final year, students complete an Internship between semesters 6 and 7.

Types of Placements
Residential/Housing service settings
Harm reduction practice settings for youth
After-school based programming
Programs that support children/youth living with developmental challenges
Programs that support children/youth with mental health needs
Student Roles Within Placement
Support research work
Co-develop and execute programs
Work one-on-one with children and youth through play, workshops and psycho-education sessions
Outreach and engagement work
Facilitate groups and workshops
Key Learning
Describe, analyze and evaluate key concepts, ethics, values and theoretical approaches (historical and contemporary) in child and youth care and related community development.
Plan, implement, assess and evaluate child-centered & family-centered programs to meet the needs of clients, staff, families and community.
Identify the challenges and rewards of working with children and youth especially those with physical, behavioral, social, and developmental issues in independent, organizational, institutional and community settings.
Identify and evaluate alternatives to the current child and youth intervention strategies, with a view to anticipating future directions.
Develop curriculum, programs and strategies for children, youth and the community which reflect current educational theory and pedagogy.

Placement Timeframe

Field Placement

30 hours. Each Semester.

Internship - Students have the option to complete hours on a full-time or part-time basis

540 hours. 15 Weeks. Full-time
540 hours. 30 Weeks. Part-time

Placement Map

Field Placement

Semester 1 - Fall Field Placement
Semester 2 - Winter  
Semester 3 - Fall Field Placement 2
Semester 4 - Winter Field Placement 3
Semester 5 - Fall Field Placement 4
Semester 6 - Winter Field Placement 5
Option to start CYC 4000
Spring CYC 4000 Child and Youth Care Practicum
Semester 7 - Fall Field Placement 6
Semester 8 Field Placement 7

Pre-requisites to Enter Field Placement

Semester 1 - Fall  
Semester 2 - Winter Pre-requisite
Semester 3 - Fall  
Semester 4 - Winter  
Semester 5 - Fall Pre-requisite for CYC 4000
Semester 6 - Winter Pre-requisite for CYC 4055
Semester 7 - Fall  
Semester 8  

Placement Abroad Option

Students may have the option to complete their BCYC Internship internationally or abroad. For more information, click here.

Semester 1 - Fall  
Semester 2 - Winter  
Semester 3 - Fall  
Semester 4 - Winter  
Semester 5 - Fall  
Semester 6 - Winter  
Spring Independent Placement Abroad option
Semester 7 - Fall  
Semester 8  

Meaghan Bastable

International Coordinator
416-675-6622 ext.3741 

Contact Information

Renee Wilkinson

Field Placement Coordinator
416-675-6622 ext. 3123 

Katrina Gittens

Internship Coordinator
416-675-6622 ext. 3747