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Advanced Crisis Intervention and Counselling

Certificate | 11061

In crisis situations, individuals, families and communities may experience profound reactions that can seriously affect their ability to function optimally. If a crisis is dealt with effectively, stress, and the possibility of chronic and/or future symptoms may be significantly reduced.

What You Will Learn

The certificate in Crisis Intervention and Counselling focuses on the immediate support and intervention individuals often require in crisis situations. The program provides participants with skills to assist those who are affected by a variety of crises including loss, violence, abuse, crime, challenges with one's mental health and traumatic events (e.g., natural disasters, accidents, suicide, etc.). The program is best suited to persons working or volunteering in a setting where they are helping people in crisis. As such, this program will be of tremendous benefit to social workers, social services workers, nurses, counsellors, crisis workers, paramedics, police, firefighters, chaplains, funeral directors and others working in related areas.

Admission Requirements

Applicants should have a degree or diploma in any health, human or social services discipline and/or work or applicable volunteer experience in a health, social services, corrections or human service agency. 

Fall Registration Begins Friday, July 21st.

Success Stories 

"My experience at Humber College is irreplaceable. By taking a continuing education program, I was able to be a full time mom while working toward my career."


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