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Municipal Bylaw

Certificate | 11011

The Municipal Bylaw Certificate offers a course of study that is designed to meet and supplement the training needs of the municipal bylaw enforcement officer.

Fall Registration Begins Friday, July 21st.

What You Will Learn

The program is designed for those already in the bylaw enforcement field who wish to continue their education and training, as well as those seeking employment in municipal bylaw enforcement agencies. Courses will provide the student with instruction in all areas of bylaw enforcement including common bylaws, property standards, the Planning Act and trials and committee presentations.

Success Stories 

"I loved the time I spent at Humber College studying Municipal By-Law Enforcement. I was on parental leave when my son Ryan was born in 2004, and I decided to utilize the evening free time when my wife used to take care of the kids."

Faculty Spotlight

Melinda Fartsalas is the Supervisor of Administrative Monetary Penalty Systems with the Town of Richmond Hill.


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Compulsory Courses - 4 Required