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Gerontology Multidiscipline

Graduate Certificate | 13021

The Gerontology Multidiscipline, Ontario College Graduate Certificate program is offered on a part-time basis through the School of Social & Community Services. Courses are scheduled in the evenings to accommodate students who are working in the field.

Fall Registration Begins Friday, July 21st.

What You Will Learn

Course work is scheduled on a staggered basis throughout each semester to enable students to realistically take more than one course per term. The certificate can be completed in one or two years. The program has three intakes per year. Tuition is payable per course at the time of registration. Upon acceptance, students may also elect to take one or several courses of interest without having to commit to completing the entire program.

The population of persons 65 years of age and older is increasing at a significant rate. The aging of Canada's baby boom generation is resulting in a growing demand for highly trained staff, possessing a holistic understanding of the aging process and the skills required to work effectively with older adults.

The Gerontology program is ideal for persons who are working with older adults in either community or institutional settings. Interprofessional collaboration, with students entering the program having diverse backgrounds in social, recreation and health fields, will be encouraged in the classroom. There is a strong focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of practice. Working from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to the study of aging, the certificate encompasses a wide range of topic areas relevant to persons working with or on behalf of older persons.

Student Success

"To me success means being able to achieve goals and targets that one sets for themselves with hard work, self confidence and consistent effort. I was passionate about becoming a doctor and I successfully obtained my MD degree. I moved to Italy and successfully established my own business there in 1995." 

Faculty Highlight

Mona Munro has been teaching in Humber’s Gerontology program for many years teaching Interpersonal Skills and Counselling with Older Adults at the Humber North Campus and more recently at Humber Lakeshore Campus.


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Compulsory Courses - 6 Required