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  • Course | DSWA 104Community Orientation


This course introduces students to a wide variety of formal and informal community support services that work together to enhance the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Methods of researching and accessing services are addressed. It also introduces the competencies involved in successfully fulfilling the role of a DSW and encourages students to identify with and demonstrate professional ethics and behaviour. Strong emphasis will be placed on the development of the student's skills in working effectively within a group. Information gathered regarding community support services will also enhance the student's awareness of possible placement opportunities. Students will prepare for their field placement experiences. This course is a prerequisite for all field placements.

Note: DSW. 104 Community Orientation is a prerequisite for DSW. 107 Field Practice 1 and DSW. 200 Field Practice 2 and DSW. 401 Education/Employment Support Practicum and DSW. 402 Life Skills/Seniors Practicum and DSW. 406 Home and Community Practicum.

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