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  • Course | FSW 5023Ethical and Legal Issues in Forensic Social Work


This course is designed to provide students with insight, experience and the practical application of ethical values necessary in decision making and critical deliberation.

Through reading, critiquing, supporting and explaining decisions that have affected the future, students will develop a thought process helpful in articulating responsible, accountable and defensible decisions or positions on an ethical basis. Through involvement in lectures, group discussions, personal experience and presentations, students will be able to express their learning objectives in a positive manner. Students will be asked to participate in ethical peer evaluations of peer presentations, as well as to critique a selected organization's mission statement and core values. Students will review ethical decisions involved in community safety notifications, duty to report legislation and ethical issues relating to client and practitioner relationships.


Students must have been admitted to the program to take this course. Admission to the program requires a diploma and/or a degree from an accredited university or CAAT.

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