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There are four separate components to the FITCO: a screening component to ensure your medical readiness and three performance components to assess your physical capability:

  • search station
  • emergency response circuit and the aerobic shuttle run. 

Medical Readiness - Informed consent and pre-exercise clearance. Before attempting the FITCO as part of the CO ST.A.R.T process, you will be required to complete:

  • PAR-Q clearance to screen participants for medical conditions that could pose a risk during FITCO testing 
  • participant informed consent and release to fully inform participants about the requirements of the FITCO along with their rights and responsibilities
  • to receive their permission to use the FITCO test information and to receive the participant's release and indemnity of the Ministry or its agents 
  • participant's blood pressure screening (resting blood pressure must be less than 144 or 94) 
  • participant's performance declaration on the day of the test, the participant is required to disclose any factors that he or she feels may affect his or her ability to perform the FITCO. 

The dates and times listed below have limited capacity. Please register online by clicking one of the options below or calling the Registrar's Office of Humber College at 416.675.5005 to pay for your test over the phone. Payments must be made immediately and there is no financial assistance available through Humber College for this test. A detailed FITCO brochure, produced by the Ministry of Community and Correctional Services can be found at or english or corr serv or careers in corr or become corr off or FITCO or cs FITCO.html. For further information about the testing dates and times, please contact

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