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  • Course | SSW 151Integrative Seminar 1


Integrative Seminar provides an opportunity for students to discuss problems, issues, situations, and developments, which occur in field practice, and to integrate learning acquired from academic courses with practical experiences in the field.

It is an opportunity to discuss a range of topics which include, but are not limited to the following: ethical and legal issues in social work practice, relationships with peers, relationships with supervisors, discovering how a social service agency works, learning about broader socio-economic issues, where the placement agency fits in the scheme of human services delivery, and dealing with professional concerns, self-care issues, and how to separate personal beliefs from professional behaviour.


To register for this course, you must be accepted as a part-time Social Services Worker (SSW) student by completing an application package and meeting basic requirements. Full-time SSW students must have the permission of the part-time SSW co-ordinator in order to take this course.

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