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  • Course | FSW 5001Introduction to Forensic Practice


Forensic practice consists of health and human service workers who occupy and come into contact with professions found in corrections and parole, child welfare and protection, and mental health and well-being.

By the end of this course, students will have been introduced to major aspects of forensic practice as they will gain a foundational knowledge in written documentation for the courts, providing expert testimony, forensic interviewing, basic principles of risk assessment and management, ethical issues in forensic practice work and a range of issues and interventions in child protection and criminal justice. Macro, as well as micro, practice issues will be reviewed so that students can critically examine current Canadian social conditions that relate to issues found in criminology and child protection. An anti-oppression framework will be utilized as students will be challenged to analyze how power imbalances contribute to the perpetuation of social inequities.

Note: Students must have been admitted to the program to take this course. Admission to the program requires a diploma and/or a degree from an accredited university or CAAT.

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