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  • Course | FSW 5005Mental Health Issues in Child Protection


This course will enable students to gain a foundational knowledge surrounding current mental health issues and their impact on family functioning and parenting within the context of child protection.

Students will be able to recognize and identify family stressors, explore relationship dynamics as well as individual psychopathology in children and adults. In addition, this course will cover the development of mental illness and areas of child protection in instances where help is needed. The purpose of this course is to prepare students to identify when to support and/or intervene in families that are challenged by mental health issues. Students will become familiar with how and when to intervene with the aim of reducing potential harm from predisposing risk factors, eliminating or mitigating precipitating factors, minimizing the persistence of perpetuating factors and how to enhance the beneficial effects of protective factors. Finally, through the use of a biopsychosocial framework, this course will address how the student can recognize and identify the clinical presentation and aetiology of adult and childhood mental illness.


Students must have been admitted to the program to take this course. Admission to the program requires a diploma and/or a degree from an accredited university or CAAT.

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