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  • Course | PSYC 224Psychology Social


This course is designed to introduce students to social psychology, a discipline that examines how people think about, influence, and relate to one another.

Students will critically evaluate a number of social psychological theories and findings as they seek to better understand the social world around them. Core topics to be discussed in this course include attitude formation and change, persuasion, conformity and obedience, aggression, prejudice and discrimination, group dynamics, gender, culture, altruism and interpersonal attraction.

The course will also focus on specific areas of applied social psychology, such as media and social behaviour and psychology and the law.

Students who have passed PSYC 009 Individual and Group Dynamics cannot take this course.

Note: For students taking the online version of this course, refer to the section entitled, Recommendations for Online Learners under General Education.

This course can be applied toward the Certificate in the Study of Human Behaviour program 09711. This course qualifies as a General Education credit. Section 80 is limited to students admitted into the Police Foundations Leadership Diploma program.

Students who are taking courses on a part-time basis should contact the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences CE Department to enquire about registration into locked courses.

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