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  • Course | FSW 5025Working with Offenders with Special Needs


Traditional risk assessments tend to focus on those offenders whose greatest challenges are arguably criminal attitudes and behaviour.

However, this course examines what happens when another, perhaps greater challenge is added to the mix. Offenders with special needs face challenges related to decreased or limited mobility (impaired sight, hearing, or speech), mental health issues and disorders, and/or intellectual disabilities. As society grows increasingly intolerant of crime and violence, many offenders with special needs are now entering the traditional correctional system. In this course, we will focus on the processes and practices relevant to assessing and managing risk for persons with special needs while providing treatment programs consistent with the principles of effective rehabilitative interventions.

Prerequisite: Students must have been admitted to the program to take this course. Admission to the program requires a diploma and/or a degree from an accredited university or CAAT.

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