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  • Course | FSW 5006Working with Sex Offenders


This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the major issues involved in working with persons who have committed sexual offences.

It will focus on three major areas of theory and practice: assessment, treatment and risk management. Additional discussions surrounding specific groups of sex offenders such as developmentally delayed offenders, female offenders and aboriginal sex offenders will also be reviewed. Subsequently, this course will examine victim issues and restorative justice approaches. Through a combination of interactive lectures, activities and discussions, students will have an opportunity to review and critique relevant literature and controversial topics in the management of this particularly troubling group of offenders. Case study examples will be used to illustrate various scenarios in current theory and practice.

Prerequisite: Students must have been admitted to the program to take this course. Admission to the program requires a diploma and/or a degree from an accredited university or CAAT.

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