Senior Level Thesis Seminar

Course Code: CDEV 4005

Academic Year: 2019-2020

This is the first of two courses that will support students to apply and integrate their skills and knowledge in the creating of a capstone community research project. Students will select a research focus and develop a comprehensive thesis for approval by faculty. Learning objectives, outcomes and a work plan will be clearly identified in a research proposal. Students will gain a strong understanding of library research methods and undertake a literature review to create an annotated bibliography which will inform their work. Some students may choose a team approach to the research under which circumstances a team contract will be created and signed. All research will require community partnerships to be developed and confirmed by the end of the course. A strong understanding of the ethical review process required by the institution will enable students to apply for research approval. Students will meet in small seminar classes guided by faculty to design, analyze, critique and share their work.