International Community Development

Course Code: CDEV 4501

Academic Year: 2019-2020

This course examines the role of community development within the context of international development. In the first part of the course students develop a strong knowledge base of the theories, objectives, practices and the socio-political issues associated with international development. The second part of the course focuses on analyzing contemporary and interconnected development themes in the areas of: globalization, sustainable development, civil society and gender. Building upon community development theories, research practices and skills previously covered in the Bachelor of Community Development program, students synthesize and critique international community development and social justice initiatives within the global North and South. The format of the class consists of lectures, in-class debates, small group discussions, activities and student presentations. To gain a thorough analysis and appreciation of the complex processes and issues surrounding international community development work, students are required to develop an in-depth country portfolio which includes material covered in the course.