• On February 17th, 23 year-old waitress Miss Justine Smith was found dead in her home.
  • She was discovered lying lifeless on her bathroom floor.
  • The cause of death was strangulation, although she also received blunt force trauma to the head.
  • There were no signs of sexual assault.
  • It is estimated that she died between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. in the morning.
  • We are focusing on two prime suspects, although our investigation is widening.

Peter Maingot

Mr. Maingot is a 26 year-old Registered Nurse who works at St. Michael's Hospital. He lives alone in a condominium tower on the same block as Justine, and has been conducting a long distance relationship with a person who was once a patient at the hospital where he works.

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Howard “Howitzer” Jones

Mr. Jones is a 25 year-old employee at Sobeys grocery store where he works as a driver. Occasionally he gets some part-time work as a stunt man in films being shot in Toronto and hopes to make it in the industry one day. He is known to have a bit of a temper and be a bit of a “player” but has never been in trouble with the law. He had been seeing Justine for 3 months prior to her death.