Keyence VHX - 500F Digital Microscope

Unlike other 2-D microscopes, the Keyence allows for a three dimensional close up of objects such as bullets for a more accurate examination. It also allows for photo imaging of what you see without having to use an external camera to capture the evidence. The 400x magnification lens displays so much detail, that students learn how to examine documents and determine what type of printer was used by the printer marks in the ink.

Fun fact: There are only two in Canada; one at Humber Centre for Justice Leadership, the other was used for the recent Olympics in Vancouver.


Curling Iron

The hair in the curling iron is determined to belong to Justine.


Butter Knife

The chips on the top of the knife are determined to be normal erosion found over the course of years of use. It can be dismissed as having any role in the murder.


Wine Bottle

The wine bottle has no genetic markers that would suggest it was used in an assault.



Through careful analysis using the Keyence VHX - 500F digital microscope and the Coherent Tracer Lacer, which allows for fluorescing fibers, it’s determined that the bookend in Justine’s room was not used to strike her. Whatever blunt trauma she suffered had to have come from a different source.

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