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Success Stories

Mohammad Azmat Latif

Graduate, Gerontology Certificate 

To me success means being able to achieve goals and targets that one sets for themselves with hard work, self confidence and consistent effort. I was passionate about becoming a doctor and I successfully obtained my MD degree. I moved to Italy and successfully established my own business there in 1995. While being in Italy, I wanted to provide my family an even better lifestyle so I, along with my family, moved to Canada. I started working for Petro Canada and subsequently worked in different companies like Mazda, Sears and Lazy-Boy Furniture Gallery but I was not satisfied with what I was doing. I felt that I was not effectively using my talent, skills and abilities. I felt that I could do much more than this. In 2010, I decided to upgrade my education and joined the Gerontology program at Humber College. Humber has a unique way of teaching and enhancing the confidence levels of its students, and each and every single one of the teachers/professors has an amazing teaching style. Out of all the professors that I had the chance to interact with, Professor Dolores Ellerker had the most impact on my life. I learned so much from her. I feel honoured to say that I was her student and I can say with ease that she is a treasure for Humber College.

During my study period at Humber, I got an email from Professor Linda Hill informing me about a job posting in India Rainbow Community Services of Peel. Even today, I am very thankful to her and that email, because ever since then I have been working with India Rainbow Community Services of Peel as an activity coordinator. While working, I have also been actively involved in the community. I am currently an active member(volunteer) of the Bramalea Community Health Centre and an volunteer for Cancer Research Project for South Asians.

To conclude this little story about my life, I would like to say that a person can and should always strive to improve, and that there is no set age after which learning is not possible.

Mohammad Azmat Latif