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Success Stories

Simmi Santha

Graduate, Behavioural Science Certificate (2015)

I am very happy to share my amazing experience with Humber College's ‘Behavioral Science Graduate Program’ and the professors who taught the course. I had completed the Master's program in Psychology and was eager to gain more knowledge in the field of behavior science as I was already working in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders. From the beginning of the course, I felt that it was well suited for me given that I worked full time. The timings of the course was such that anyone working full-time could easily attend the classes on time. We students had a choice of locations to attend the classes which enabled me to access my classes at a location closer to my home. The course was well designed to give the students a very good theoretical insight into the field of behavioral sciences and also gain the much needed practical experience. The assignments that we were required to complete as a part of the course prompted me to think in a comprehensive manner and further helped me to gain knowledge of key concepts in the field. All the professors who taught us were not only knowledgeable but also highly experienced in the field of behavioral science. Every one of them was dedicated to the profession and highly inspiring as well. They were all willing to help students become thorough in their concepts. Here I would like to mention the Course Coordinator John Kosmopoulos, who shared many practical scenarios from his experience that was very useful to me. Each of John’s classes I looked forward to hearing him speak about challenging behaviors that he had dealt with, and the strategies that he utilized to decrease them. In addition, John shared many useful resources which helped me understand concepts clearly and practically utilize them in bringing about significant changes in the clients that I worked with. John was ever willing to clear doubts and was very quick to respond to e-mails as well. The solid foundation that I received in the field at Humber College inspired me to further my career in the field of behavior science and I am happy to mention here that I am now a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I highly recommend Humber College's exceptionally well organized Behavior Science program to all aspirants.