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Course Name Course Code
Abnormal Psychology/Dual Diagnosis   DSW 159
Agency Administration and Fundraising   SSW 252
Applied Social Service Worker Project   SSW 258
Assessing Parenting Capacity   FSW 5007
Autism and Other Complex Needs   DSW 217
Basic Pharmacology 1   DSW 220
Basic Pharmacology 2   DSW 253
Behaviour Technology 1   BSCI 5002
Behaviour Technology 2   BSCI 5003
Border and Immigration Services: An Issues Approach   CBIS 104
Border Services Investigations   CBIS 102
Bylaw Enforcement   LASP 102
Canadian Border Security   PFP 215
Canadian Criminal Justice System   PFP 101
Case Management in Community Corrections   FSW 5026
Case Management: Advocacy   SSW 255
Cognitive Development, Trauma and Loss - Children's Health Focus   CMH 101
Community and Social Services   PFP 152
Community Building   DSW 219
Community Development   SSW 212
Community Orientation   DSW 113
Community Policing   PFP 204
Community Policing 2   PFP 255
Community Response to Social Issues   PFP 154
Conducting Community Visits   FSW 5009
Conflict Management   PFP 254
Contemporary Social Problems   PFP 151
Coping with Death: Counselling, Support Groups and Alternative Therapies   THAN 004
Counselling Skills   DSWA 125
Counselling Skills 1   SSW 153
Counselling Skills 2   SSW 210
Court Preparation and Testimony   FSW 5002
Criminal and Civil Law   PFP 200
Criminal Code   PFP 155
Criminology   PFP 150
Crisis Intervention and Trauma   SSW 213
Crisis Intervention with Families   ACIC 115
Cross-Cultural Skills   SSW 155
Cyber Attacks   CYBE 003
Cyber Defense   CYBE 004
Developing Interpersonal Skills   DSWA 122
Education and Employment Support Practicum   DSW 256
Educational Strategies   DSW 153
Ethical and Legal Issues in Forensic Social Work   FSW 5023
Ethics of Mindfulness   MIND 004
Evidence and Criminal Trial Procedure   PFP 251
Family Dynamics   SSW 154
Family Relationships and their Impact on Psychiatric Disorders   CMH 104
Field Placement   DSW 160
Field Placement Seminar   DSW 161
Field Practice   BSCI 5005
Field Practice and Seminar 1   SSW 157
Field Practice and Seminar 2   SSW 257
Field Practice and Seminar 3   SSW 267
Fitness and Lifestyle Management   PFP 210
Fitness and Lifestyle Management 1   PFP 109
Fitness and Lifestyle Management 2   PFP 159
Fitness and Lifestyle Management 3   PFP 209
Fitness and Lifestyle Management 4   PFP 259
Fitness for Policing and Lifestyle Management   PFP 410
Forensic Identification – Practical Lab   TUTR S15
Forensic Interviewing with Children   FSW 5021
Forensic Investigation   SECN 116
Foundations of Crisis Intervention   ACIC 111
Foundations of Mindfulness   MIND 001
Foundations of Private Investigation   SECN 119
Foundations of Social Issues   SSW 101
Functional Behaviour Assessment and Program Evaluation   BSCI 5004
Grief and Bereavement Counselling and Crisis Intervention   ACIC 114
Grief, Loss & Trauma Supports   CITS 013
Health and Wellness 1   DSW 157
Health and Wellness 1   DSWA 157
Health and Wellness 2   DSW 251
Health and Wellness 2   DSWA 251
Home and Community Practicum   DSW 252
Human Growth and Behaviour   SSW 102
Human Growth and Development   DSW 114
Human Growth and Development 1   DSWA 121
Human Sexuality   DSW 201
Immigration Enforcement   CBIS 103
Independent Research Project   FSW 5011
Integrative Seminar   DSW 255
Integrative Seminar   DSW 257
Intelligence Applications and Analytical Techniques   CIA 102
Intelligence Cycle and Information   CIA 101
Intelligence Reports   CIA 104
Intelligence Standards and Security   CIA 105
Intelligence Tools and Resources   CIA 103
Interpersonal and Group Skills   SSW 108
Interpersonal Communication   DSW 140
Interpersonal Relationships and Problem Solving   DSW 224
Intervention Techniques 1   DSW 111
Intervention Techniques 2   DSW 221
Interviewing and Deception   SECN 117
Interviewing and Investigations   PFP 211
Introduction to Behaviour Technology   BSCI 5001
Introduction to Canadian Border Services   CBIS 100
Introduction to Crisis Intervention & Trauma Informed Supports   CITS 011
Introduction to Developmental Disabilities 1   DSW 112
Introduction to Developmental Disabilities 2   DSW 158
Introduction to Developmental Disabilities 2   DSWA 158
Introduction to Forensic Practice   FSW 5001
Introduction to Immigration   CBIS 101
Introduction to Intelligence and the Analytical Role   CIA 100
Introduction to Justice Careers   PFP 120
Introduction to Thanatology   THAN 001
Investigation and Evidence   PFP 253
Investigative Techniques   SECN 113
Investigator's Powers   SECN 112
Issues in Child Maltreatment and Neglect   FSW 5022
Issues in Diversity: First Nations People   PFP 103
Justice Communications and Report Writing   PFP 153
Learning from Death and Dying   THAN 005
Legal and Ethical Issues in Crisis Intervention Practice   ACIC 112
Legislation in Human Services   SSW 254
Life Skills/Seniors Practicum   DSW 254
Managing Aggressive Behaviour   ACIC 116
Mental Health Foundations   SSW 209
Mental Health Issues in Child Protection   FSW 5005
Mental Health Issues in Forensic Practice   FSW 5028
Mindfulness in the West   MIND 002
Mourning, Grief & Bereavement: Reactions and Responses to Death   THAN 003
Municipal Bylaws   LASP 101
Orientation to Human Services   SSW 103
Person-Centred Planning   DSW 152
Police Oversight   PFP 252
Police Oversight   PFP 403
Police Powers   PFP 207
Political Process   SSW 208
Prevention and Intervention Strategies - Children's Mental Health   CMH 102
Principles of Ethical Reasoning   PFP 106
Professional Practice   BSCI 5006
Professional Practice   SSW 109
Professional Skills & Ethical Considerations in Crisis and Trauma Work   CITS 012
Professionalism in Developmental Services   DSW 163
Property Standards and Zoning   LASP 104
Provincial & Federal Acts   SECN 118
Provincial and Related Acts   SECN 115
Provincial Offences   PFP 250
Provincial Statutes   PFP 156
Psychiatric Disorders Common to the Infant, Child and Adolescent Population   CMH 100
Public Administration   PFP 105
Religious Beliefs, Traditions and Customs of Death   THAN 002
Responding to Abuse   DSW 154
Responding to Abuse   DSWA 154
Risk Assessment/Management in Forensic Practice   FSW 5010
Risk Factors of Common Psychiatric Disorders in the Infant, Child and Adolescent Population   CMH 103
Science of Mindfulness   MIND 003
Security Guard Licensing: Preparatory   SECN 106
Self Care and Burnout Prevention   FSW 5003
Sign Language and Augmentative Communication   DSW 218
Special Topics in Crisis Intervention   CITS 016
Special Topics in Social Service Work   SSW 259
Strategic Communications   SECN 114
Substance Abuse and Impulse Control   FSW 5012
Suicide Awareness & Prevention   CITS 014
Suicide Prevention   ACIC 113
Supporting Families in Crisis   CITS 015
The Fundamentals of Cyber Security   CYBE 002
Traffic Management   PFP 212
Trauma and Grief Interventions   FSW 5027
Trials and Committee Presentation   LASP 103
Understanding Cyber Landscape   CYBE 001
Understanding Human Behaviour   DSW 101
Understanding, Assessing and Managing Violent Offenders   FSW 5024
Working with Offenders with Special Needs   FSW 5025
Working with Sex Offenders   FSW 5006
Youth in Conflict with the Law   PFP 104