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June 22, 2018


On June 1, 2018, the SSCS, led by faculty John Kosmopoulos hosted the 2018 conference for the DSW and BBS programs. We invited Dr. John Chan, a consulting child and adolescent psychiatrist with the Centre for Behaviour Health Services, Mackenzie Health, to speak to a group of 75 professionals and students on his topic “How to Baffle and then Appreciate a Psychiatrist.” In his 2-part workshop, Dr. Chan walked guests through how to work with clients with developmental disorders from a front line perspective. He then gave tips and tools on how to manage clients with developmental disabilities. Participants also examined various case vignettes looking at the relationship between psychiatry and applied behavior analysis (ABA). It was a very informative, and engaging session that provided participants with the tools necessary to be able to problem solve various client cases.

We thank Dr. Chan for taking the time to facilitate this session and invite him to join us again in the near future!

Conference sign

Conference speaker

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