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Evaluating the Impact of the Horticultural Technician Pre-Apprenticeship Program on the Lives of Incarcerated Women

March 15, 2017


Humber College’s School of Applied Technology and the Community Outreach and Workforce Development partnered with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton and Landscape Ontario to develop an apprenticeship program for incarcerated women at the Vanier Centre for Woman in Milton, Ontario. This unique program provided women with the opportunity to obtain their first level of apprenticeship in the landscape trade. The apprenticeship is followed by a placement in the industry once released to the community and helps pave the way for a future career.

The School of Social and Community Services (SSCS) has been approached to conduct a research evaluation of this innovative program utilizing community-based research models in order to ascertain the impact it has had on the lives of incarcerated women. The research evaluation will be led by Dr. Rai Reece. The goal of this research evaluation is to examine the impact of the Horticultural Technician Pre-apprenticeship program on the lives of incarcerated women and to build on the values supported by the SSCS.

This research may unearth not only the positive aspects of the pre-apprenticeship program, but also help refine and affirm the importance of applied social justice imperatives in the development of human potential for social change. Furthermore, Dr. Reece has received a Cultivate grant to help support this research evaluation aligned with academic goals from the Colleges 2016-2021 Strategic Plan. The plan seeks to implement socially innovative programming by expanding new program development.

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