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Social Service Worker Diploma

Students are matched with 2 placements where they can apply SSW theory in a workplace setting.

Types of Placements
Street Outreach/Shelters/Food Banks 
Crisis Intervention Programs 
Children and Youth Programs
Seniors Programs and Geriatric Centres
Community Centres; Newcomer and Housing Programs
Student Roles Within Placement
Assist in the development, planning and implementation of programs and workshops 
Provide support to clients one on one or in a group setting; guidance, assessments, developing strategies for clients
Case management; preparing case notes, filing reports, and data entry 
Compiling and providing resources of programming and services to clients and service providers (e.g. how to access legal services, information for newcomers)
Community development and Outreach 
Key Learning
Integrate social group work and group facilitation skills across a wide range of environments, supporting growth and development of individuals, families, and communities.
Work in communities to advocate for change strategies that promote social and economic justice and challenge patterns of oppression and discrimination.
Develop and maintain professional relationships which adhere to professional, legal, and ethical standards aligned to social service work.
Identify current social policy, relevant legislation, and political, social, and/or economic systems and their impacts on service delivery.
Develop strategies and plans that lead to the promotion of self-care, improved job performance, and enhanced work relationships.

Placement Timeframe

Placement timeframe for students starting in September will be from September 2017 - April.

400 hours. 2 days a week. 14 weeks 3 and 14 weeks semester 4

Placement timeframe for will be from January 2017 - April.

200 hours. 2 days a week. 14 weeks semester 2

Placement Map

Field Placement

Semester 1 - Fall  
Semester 2 - Winter Field Placement
Semester 3 - Fall Field Placement
Semester 4 - Winter Field Placement


Semester 1 - Fall Pre-requisites
Semester 2 - Winter  
Semester 3 - Fall  
Semester 4 - Winter  

Placement Abroad Option

Students may have the option to complete one semester of Field Placement internationally or abroad. For more information, click here.

Semester 1 - Fall  
Semester 2 - Winter  
Spring Independent Placement Abroad option
Semester 3 - Fall  
Semester 4 - Winter  

Meaghan Bastable

International Coordinator
416-675-6622 ext.3741