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Child and Youth Rights Advocacy

Certificate of Completion | 67511

Our Program

This certificate has a distinctly Canadian focus on children's rights and will be anchored within an advocacy framework.

What You Will Learn

Children and youth are rights holders, and all of us have a role to play in contributing to the knowledge young people need to have about their rights. Over the course of three modules in the Child and Youth Rights Advocacy Certificate, you will explore children's rights, advocacy and the resources available to young people in Ontario's systems of care. 

The program was created in partnership with The Office of the Provincial Advocate. The Office of the Provincial Advocate reports directly to the Legislature and provides an independent voice for children and youth, including children with special needs and First Nations children. You will be encouraged to reflect actively on how you can apply what you learn in the courses to your work with children and youth, and to your real-world experience.

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