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Corrections and Forensic Practice

Certificate of Completion | 65711 | Online

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Program Overview

Forensic practice consists of health and human service workers who occupy and come into contact with professions found in corrections and parole, child welfare and protection, and mental health and well-being. Forensic practice is multidisciplinary in nature, a combination of areas such as social work, criminology, psychology, psychiatry, nursing, child development and other related academic disciplines.

What You Will Learn

The Corrections and Forensic Practice Certificate program examines such issues as risk assessments and treatment options for managing violent offenders, sexual offenders and offenders with special needs; case management services within the correctional environment; victims issues; and restorative justice approaches. Students will learn how to intervene in a variety of settings within the criminal justice system, will become familiar with how to provide clear and professional testimony in court hearings, and will strengthen their skills at navigating the social services system to help reduce recidivism. Graduates of this program find employment in case management, police departments, probabtion and parole, court systems, residential settings, juvenile detention centres, and other similar correctional settings.   


This  Certificate in Corrections in Forensic Practice can lead to a Graduate Certificate in Forensic Practice. For more information, see our program page for the Forensic Practice Graduate Certificate.  Related Certificates of Completion are.

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Curriculum is under development.

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