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Real Life Ride Along

Humber College’s Orangeville Campus’ Police Foundations program (PFP) and Orangeville Police Service (OPS) have entered into an agreement that allows PFP students to engage in valuable work-integrated learning with the town’s police force.

The PFP Student Placement Program was designed together with the OPS specifically for Orangeville Campus PFP students and is a true partnership between post-secondary education and the workforce.

Through the PFP Student Placement Program, students will shadow frontline Orangeville Special Constables for a total of five days covering five areas of interest. Each six-hour shift is to be completed within one academic semester. Students will primarily assist with police and community events and fundraising initiatives, and other administrative duties as specified by Orangeville Police.

“The Humber Orangeville Campus has an active role in our region and this is an opportunity for our Police Foundations students to give back to the community while also preparing for a career in law enforcement,” said Joe Andrews, Director, Humber Orangeville. “By working alongside members of the Orangeville Police Service, students will directly experience the day-to-day life of a police officer and learn what is truly needed for, and expected of, the profession.”

Students who apply for the OPS placement will be required to submit a one-page summary outlining their merits as a candidate, as well as undergo a criminal background check. Some of the additional evaluation criteria include academic standing, awards/scholarships received, volunteerism, and contributions to the Orangeville Campus/Police Foundations program. Eight students per semester are expected to be selected to participate in the program.

“This program is true experiential learning. Participating students will receive training and orientation activities required by all Orangeville Police officers, and they will work side-by-side with their respectively assigned Special Constable during their placement,” said Wayne Kalinski, Chief, Orangeville Police Service. “I’m especially looking forward to watching the students interact with our officers and assist them in their daily role of serving and protecting our community.”