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Private Investigation

Certificate of Achievement | 11111

Our Program

A Private Investigator should possess excellent observation skills, understand psychology, have a curious nature, and a heightened intuition. A background in law, policing, security, finance, debt collections, military, and computer sciences, etc., may be an asset but it is not considered a requirement.

What You Will Learn

In addition, as Private Investigators can be called upon to carry out different investigations, so too are there different methods used in these investigations, e.g. telephone, surveillance, background checks, interviewing and simply talking to people. However, they are required to function within the law, ensuring evidence collection is done within this framework, making sure it is admissible in court. 

The Humber College Private Investigation Certificate of Achievement can provide, a) the tools necessary to prepare for the Ministry of Corrections and Community Services test and, b) invaluable information for those interested in pursuing a career in Private Investigation. The Certificate consists of six courses, each six weeks in duration. The courses may be taken in any order and are provided completely online.

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