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DUVE Project

June 18, 2019


Jaspreet Bal is a part of the DUVE project which connects colleges from Denmark, Uganda, Vietnam and Humber here in Canada. The project aims to end violence in the respective countries and has set out to create an e-learning platform that serves this goal. After their kick-off seminar in December, the professors split into two teams according to their various subject matter expertise. One team, comprised of professors, nurses and midwives have taken on violence in health settings. The other team, comprised of educators, CYCs and ECEs, has taken on the task of addressing violence in institutional settings.

Students and professors have since visited each other across the globe! From midwifery students in Hoima, Uganda, to a conference on Kindergartens in Hanoi, Vietnam, colleagues have continued to connect and build content. The e-learning activities are being submitted. Stay tuned for the material that will be made available when the project closes in 2020.

woman presenting powerpoint presentation