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Humber’s Semester Abroad Exchange Program is your opportunity to experience the world and go to school at the same time!


Watch the video to hear Humber students talk about the benefits of spending a semester abroad.

Academic exchange opportunities stem from a formal agreement between Humber and an academic institution of similar stature abroad. A key advantage is that you pay your regular tuition and fees to Humber, and are not subject to international student fees at the partner school. You may be eligible for OSAP, and for Humber’s Study Abroad/International Mobility Bursary for additional financial support. You also benefit from the experience of Humber students who have studied at the same institution in the past, and faculty/staff who have worked closely with our partners to build the relationship between our schools. Academic credit successfully completed abroad will be transferred to your Humber credential, to keep you on schedule for graduation. Plus, the opportunity to study abroad in a different country is… pretty awesome, right?

Visit Humber Global Opportunities for the Semester Abroad Step-By-Step Guide and Application Form.

Keep in mind that you may be eligible to receive an International Mobility/Study Abroad bursary from Humber to support your travel expenses!

To learn more about these opportunities, how to apply, and available bursaries, please contact the FSCS Global Learning Team:

Past Student Experiences

University of Gloucestershire, UK 2017

Maria Camila Ruiz Tacha - Child and Youth Care (Bachelor of)

Completing my semester abroad in England, at the University of Gloucestershire, was a remarkable and unforgettable experience. This opportunity is one that contributed to my personal growth and helped me develop my cultural awareness and sensitivity. This exchange program allowed me to interact with the local community and gave me a chance to fully emerge in their traditions and teachings. As a student in the Child and Youth Care Program, studying in England allowed me to gain a richer understanding of the profession itself through a different cultural lens. I was able to gain new insights on the different facets of the field, which I can now apply within the Humber Community.

This semester exchange also helped me explore my personal and professional goals and reinforced my independence and self-reliance. I experienced hardships that developed and emphasized my strengths and skills. Moving forward, I will be able to apply these skills and strengths in my future field of work. Overall, this experience gave me a new understanding of who I am personally and professionally and opened many doors and opportunities for me in the future. Ultimately, this opportunity is one I will never forget and will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Maria Camila Ruiz Tacha standing on a bridge in England with the city behind her

Maria Camila Ruiz Tacha in front of the Eiffel Tower

Maria Camila Ruiz Tacha with a red telephone box with Big Ben in the background