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Arun Dhanota co-publishes textbook on Ethics in Criminal Justice

Tags: March 2022, Vol. 2, Issue 3

Police Foundations Program (PFP) Program Coordinator, Arun Dhanota, co-authored the Fifth edition of the textbook Ethics in Criminal Justice and Public Safety, to be published by Emond Publishing later this year, in 2022.

For this, Arun’s first published textbook, she collaborated with her co-authors, Glenn Barenthin, Doug Lepard and Peter Skrypka, all former police officers and current academics, since 2020. The textbook can be used across institutions as it covers topics of ethical reasoning and principles in public safety and criminal justice, and this edition has been updated to reflect timely issues related to criminal justice, including policing during the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing systemic discrimination, policing and BIPOC communities, harm reduction approaches used in British Columbia, as well as reviewing the code of ethics across criminal justice professions (e.g., policing, corrections, lawyers, judges).

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