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Black Girls and Dolls Navigating Race, Class, and Gender in Toronto

Tags: November 2021, Vol. 2, Issue 1

Janet Seow, faculty member in Humber’s Bachelor of Child and Youth Care (B-CYC) program, and PhD Candidate in the Department of Humanities at York University, has recently had an article, Black Girls and Dolls Navigating Race, Class and Gender in Toronto, published in the journal Girlhood Studies.

The article explores the racial and cultural meanings of dolls in young people’s everyday lives and how doll play is complicated by racist and classist representations of racial and gendered norms, and the implications in black girls’ ability to navigate barriers that reinforce racial inequalities and social hierarchies in Toronto. This research presents doll play experiences of children and youth, and shows how playing, and conversely not playing with dolls, helps young people understand what it means to “be Black” in Toronto. The article is accessible through Humber’s Academic library.

Image of Janet Seow

Janet Seow

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