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Ongoing Research in the FSCS: CCSIF-Funded Research

Tags: November 2021, Vol. 2, Issue 1

Engaging and Educating Young-Adult Cannabis 2.0 Consumers

CCSIF 1 / Daniel Bear

This project seeks to engage and educate young-adult cannabis users (18 – 30) to impact long-term cannabis consumption practices, thereby having the best potential for improving public health and wellbeing outcomes. This study began in early 2020, and since then, the research team has completed the first phase of data collection and has moved forward to phase two of development and production.

Affordable Housing Needs in South Etobicoke

CCSIF 2 / Salomeh Ahmadi

Research is underway on determining issues around the cost of living for low-income and working class citizens, and how can a Community of Practice be created to sustain advocacy efforts to support new models for affordable housing through social policy change. Some achievements to date include workshops on: Above Guideline Rents, Housing Rights and Community Benefits, the formation of an Advisory group, presentations to over 40 organizations at the South Etobicoke Community Coordination Plan cluster, a monthly community newsletter, and the launch of a website.

Community Agency Partnerships: Best Practices for the Creation of Healthy Communities

CCSIF 3 / Ann Corbold

Youth who are at risk of entering the criminal justice system, especially those who become gang-involved, need the support of multiple community agencies. Although there is strong evidence to support implementing a network response, there is limited information on how best to do it.

This is a three-year project currently in phase two.

Experiences of hope, self-compassions and authentic collaboration: Foundations for a consumer-informed compassion-based human services (HS) delivery framework in a Canadian Context

CCSIF 4 / Sara Nickerson-White and Tina Lackner

This study seeks to collect co-created lived experience narratives from HS Canadian consumers and providers about their lived experiences of hope, self-compassion and authentic collaboration in the course of HS service delivery.

(CTL Teaching Innovation Fund) Pedagogy and Practice: Teaching Diversity in the Classrooms

CTL / Soheila Pashang, Jaspreet Bal, Christine McKenzie, Joanna Amirault, Neil Price, Rai Reece, and Juan Jarmillo Orozco

This research project aims to: Identify gaps and strengths of the existing pedagogical approaches used in teaching diversity related content; Understand how faculty use social justice, anti-oppression, anti-racist, and human rights lenses as part of their practice; Explore the experiences of faculty teaching diversity related content and the reaction of their students to course material and Explore the experiences of students and incorporate their voices into the curriculum. The data collection is complete and the team is working on competing the final report.

(SOTL) COIL: Exploring Pedagogy and Project Design

SOTL / Christine McKenzie

Christine has completed the research interviews with faculty involved in facilitating the USIL/Humber COIL partnership in Fall 2019 (both at Humber and at USIL) and is working on disseminating findings.

Universal Design for Learning Project

UDL / Philip Burge

Dr. Professor Burge is currently the principal investigator of a study on Universal Design for Learning entitled, “UDL Implementation Driven by Course Outline Review: A Pilot Project”. He and co-investigators are examining the perceptions and experiences of Humber College teaching faculty, accessibility consultants and an expert in UDL (from Humber’s Centre for Innovative Learning) during a recent re-design effort.

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