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University of Technology, Jamaica

Tags: Vol. 1, Issue 2, December 2020

In July 2020, Andrea Rutherford, Program Coordinator Developmental Services Worker Program (DSW) and DSW instructor Loris Bennett, were invited to virtually present to 25 students in the Bachelor of Science, Child and Adolescent Program (ChAd) at The University of Technology (UTECH), in Kingston, Jamaica. Andrea gave a presentation on Adaptive Coping Strategies for Parents during a Pandemic, and Loris presented on Building Resiliency in Young Children.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, evolving practices to continue to foster new and existing international partnerships and collaboration with postsecondary institutions across the globe, has meant developing new ways of working together virtually. Internship experiences were being reimagined at UTECH, and these two-hour presentations were designed to form a part of the ChAD students’ final internship practicum experience.   

Humber College and the Faculty of Social and Community Services have a strong relationship with UTECH and many of their programs, including the ChAd program, through ongoing work including Faculty Led Programs for students abroad, the Canada-CARICOM Faculty Leadership Scholarship Program, the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP), and through a variety of partnerships formed in Jamaica. The Canada-CARICOM Faculty Leadership Scholarship Program and the ELAP Program provide students and faculty from the Caribbean Community and Latin America with short-term exchange opportunities for study or research, in Canada, at the college, undergraduate and graduate levels. We look forward to more innovative collaboration opportunities with UTECH as we continue to work together in this changing world.

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