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Global Summer School

Tags: November 2022, Vol. 3, Issue 1

A total of 146 students from around the world enrolled in Humber’s Global Summer School which ran in-person this year.

Global Summer School is a chance for students to work towards an elective credit for an academic course alongside peers from around the world. Each of Humber’s Faculties offers a course that is normally run through a semester, in an intense three-week delivery format.

15 students from FSCS enrolled in Global Summer School courses this summer, having the chance to earn an academic credit through a Faculty other than their own. 21 students from around the world enrolled in the FSCS course, “Transformational Leadership and Advocacy”, which is run by our Bachelor of Community Development program, representing countries including Indonesia, England, Germany and India, as well as some domestic students from here in Canada. Alongside with the intensive courses, the Global Summer School program also offers a range of social activities, including Games Nights, trips to Toronto tourist sites, a Blue Jays game, Niagara Falls, treetop trekking, and a boat party. It’s a wonderful way for students to expand their network of peers and friends, while earning an academic credit at Humber.

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