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Humber FSCS Fall COILs

Tags: November 2021, Vol. 2, Issue 1

After the official launch of Humber Global’s Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) website in March 2021, the FSCS recently completed two COIL initiatives with two academic partners in Denmark - UCL University College (UCL), and University College Absalon (Absalon). Embedded into the initiatives, is Humber Global’s Intercultural Development Workshop series, which students involved in the initiatives attended, to help them to reflect on the intercultural dimensions of their experience in the program and learn how they can use the interprofessional and intercultural communications they developed, into their professional lives moving forward. Click here to learn more.


Programs: Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Humber); Bachelor of Nursing, and Occupational Therapy (Absalon)

Project Team: Roma Mehta, Jo Anne Nugent, Stephanie Byer, Ayesha Amin (Humber) Maria Bensen Joensen, Agnete Oline Sillesen, Helene Kelly (Absalon)

Project Deliverables: Embedded within the classroom for Humber students in GERN 3000: Aging and Dementia, and as an extra-curricular activity for Absalon students in the Nursing and Occupational Therapy programs, over the course of one month, students came together in groups composed of students from both institutions, worked on an assignment on the topic of dementia. Some of the topics that the groups researched were on Building a Dementia-Friendly Island, Creating Safe Layouts for Communities with Dementia, Raising Awareness Around Traveling with Dementia, and How Society Can Adapt to Become More Dementia-Friendly.

Bilingual Poster - Become a dementia friendly Community ty today

An infographic in English and Danish, on how communities can become dementia-friendly, developed as a final group assignment by students Claire O’Neill, Kymora Gyles Mellish (Humber), Jackielou Larsen, and Sheira Fabon Ybañez (Absalon).



Programs: Bachelor of Community Development (Humber); Social Education, and Social Work Bachelor programs (UCL)

Project Team: Linda Hill, Stephanie Byer, Ayesha Amin (Humber) Samantha Zoe Ashton-Fog, Anne-Sofie Hedengran Vedel, Heather Dawn Johannsen (UCL)

Project Deliverables: Over the course of three weeks, Humber students enrolled in CDEV 2000: Community Foundations, met at weekly touchpoints over the course of a month, with participating students at UCL, to come up with a case study around topic examples, and develop an intervention strategy which was presented by video in groups composed of a mix of students from both institutions. These interventions considered Danish and Canadian approaches as a way for students to compare and contrast responses to the case studies in the different countries and identify gaps and best practices that can be shared along the way.

The COIL Fall 2021 project planning team from Humber and UCL

The COIL Fall 2021 project planning team from Humber and UCL (top left to bottom: Linda Hill, Heather Dawn Johannsen, Stephanie Byer, Anne-Sofie Hedengran Vedel, Ayesha Amin, Samantha Ashton-Fog.

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