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Humber – UWI COIL

Tags: November 2022, Vol. 3, Issue 1

In the spring, upper year Criminal Justice students at Humber, had an opportunity to participate in a COIL project, with our academic partner University of West Indies (UWI) - Jamaica Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Master of Criminology programs. The COIL titled “Global Perspectives” on Community Policing brought together students, law enforcement professionals and researchers. The multi-day seminars encouraged collaborative discussions on community policing across Canada and Jamaica and Trinidad, and the students worked across institutions to develop research summaries and share their research knowledge with new networks. Special thanks to all participants, visiting speakers, and our colleagues at UWI for their leadership and conversations!

One of the students who participated, Sophia Pacini, stated about her experience:

“By participating in the COIL project, I was able to not only academically collaborate with scholars from across the globe, but I was able to learn from these individuals on a personal level, providing a unique insight into the practices of policing from a non-Canadian perspective. Through the processes of discussing among fellow COIL participants, engaging with highly experienced and well-established guest speakers, and working with all members of the COIL project to develop a greater understanding of policing practices around the world, I am confident that I am able to carry these newly gained perspectives with me in my future academic, professional, and research endeavours.”

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