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Humber’s Launch of COIL Framework

Tags: Vol. 1, Issue 3, March 2021

Rebecca Fitzgerald, Associate Director, International Mobility and Strategic Partnerships, Humber International Centre, has shared that Global learning and engagement is soaring to new heights at Humber! COIL – Collaborative Online International Learning – is a dynamic form of virtual exchange that connects students with peers around the world. With COIL, faculty or staff co-create an experiential learning project or module with a faculty or staff “match” from a partner institution in another country.

COIL initiatives are a flexible to meet the mutual aims of partners. They can differ in length and format – from projects lasting only a few weeks, to initiatives lasting throughout a whole semester – and can be a blend of synchronous and asynchronous activity.

It is an exciting time for COIL at Humber. In March 2021, Humber is releasing its first COIL framework, which aims to formalize and unify the approach taken across the institution, add resources to support the COIL lifecycle, and invite creative proposals from Humber faculty and staff, for COIL initiatives.

The related articles in this edition of SOC&COM magazine spotlight COIL partnerships that FSCS faculty and staff are currently engaged in, through partnerships in India, the Netherlands, and Jamaica, that are transforming the student experience. Visit Humber’s new COIL website and take your first step toward joining our COIL community: Humber COIL – Global Virtual Exchange website.

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