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Intercultural Development Series

Tags: Vol. 1, Issue 2, December 2020

With the world becoming more connected and globalized, intercultural skills have become increasingly valuable. Humber Global has introduced the Intercultural Development Series, an opportunity to build intercultural skills and knowledge that are essential for fostering equitable, diverse and inclusive communities around the world.  

FSCS students had the opportunity to attend a series of workshops throughout Fall 2020 before it was launched college-wide. They were given the space to learn and enhance their understanding, engage with peers and share knowledge and experiences related to intercultural communications.

Participants shared great feedback:

The Intercultural Development Series workshops gave me useful learnings that opened my mind and can be integrated into my life. I am grateful for each detail-filled workshop.” – Faculty of Social and Community Services Student and Participant, Ziling Yuan.

This series offered students an opportunity to increase intercultural capacity through theoretically grounded, professionally relevant, and interactive programming. By the end of the series, participants were better equipped for a global and culturally diverse environment, having connected and networked with other students from across many FSCS programs.   

The series also aligns with Humber’s Internationalization Strategy, the Humber Learning Outcomes and the Humber Strategic Plan, aiming to create career-ready citizens, providing accessible education, and contributing to a healthy and inclusive community.

This series will be offered by Humber Global to students, staff and faculty across the college. To learn more, click here.

Are you a faculty member interested in bringing global learning into the classroom? Contact Ayesha Amin, Global Learning and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator.

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