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Summer Abroad

Tags: November 2022, Vol. 3, Issue 1

This summer, Humber students were able to travel abroad again for the first time since the pandemic. Summer abroad programs range from one to four weeks, and were offered at five institutions across Europe, along with a virtual program offered through Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand.

8 FSCS students joined the summer mobility programs for both academic and non-academic, Co-Curricular Record (CCR) credits, and 3 students participated in the Sustainability and BiCulturalism program virtually through Otago which included an in-person camping component.

Isidora Prieto Morales, Police Foundations student, said of her experience:

“My experience at NTU was truly amazing right from the beginning when they picked us up at the airport until when they gave us a beautiful farewell with great emotion, dedication and appreciation for our participation. The classes were really entertaining, dynamic, and we learned a lot. Our class was focused on everything related to cyber security and cybercrime, and the professors shared their own experiences in the field. My class was small - we were only 7 students, which made it more personal. We even have the opportunity to meet other professionals in the area of cybercrime. NTU did everything to make us feel at home; we did activities after school - we took tours to different places and they showed us the city, nearby Oxford and we even met Robin Hood! There were also organized lunches so that we could all share together and get to know each other better. The staff at NTU supported us the whole time. It was an amazing experience.”

Protection, Security & Investigation (PSI) student, Brian Cha, went to NTU as well this summer. He said:

“My experience to go to NTU for the summer abroad was probably the best decision I made in my life - I’m not even exaggerating. I made great friends all over the world that I can go visit and connect with at any time. Getting to NTU and doing all the extra things to spend 2 weeks in a country that I had never been to before, was a stressful process. But once I was there, it felt like a utopia. I had my own room that had everything I needed, and a clean shared kitchen. The accommodation also had a pool table, an outdoor ping pong table, 2 outside hangout areas, a weight room, a lot of hangout/study places inside, and a media room. With the programs that NTU offered after class, it was super fun and easy to make new friends from different schools, and while in class, doing projects with classmates helped me to make new best friends abroad. For 2 weeks, we made every minute count while we we’re in Nottingham. Humber also offered bursaries to students which helped a lot! After my 2 weeks at NTU, I decided to have a 2-month Europe trip on my own since I was already in Europe and prepared for travel. If I were to go back to Humber as a student, I would definitely apply for the summer abroad program again.”

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