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Transformational Leadership & Advocacy Global Summer School Course

Tags: November 2021, Vol. 2, Issue 1

This Summer 2021, Humber’s Global Summer School (GSS) went virtual! Students got a chance to earn elective credit in only three weeks, while also getting to learn and work with peers from different programs, walks of life, and countries. Outside the classroom, students were also invited to fun activities such as Global Karaoke Night, City Scavenger Hunt, Music Night, Paint Night, and an Escape Room, just to name a few.

At this year’s GSS, the most popular course for non-Humber students was Transformational Leadership and Advocacy, from FSCS’s Community Development program. This course teaches students principles and practices of transformational leadership, including how to create plans for community action and development, implementation of communication strategies in promoting social change, and reflection and analysis tools for practitioner and advocates of social/economic justice.

Humber Virtual Global Summer School 2021

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