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FSCS Staff & Faculty Book Club

Tags: December 2021, Vol. 2, Issue 2

As many staff and faculty continued to be remote this past semester, we made it a priority to find ways to keep our staff groups engaged outside of their regular work projects and meetings. These initiatives were focused on employee health and wellness, through various activities and events. After the success of last year’s FSCS staff & faculty book club, another round of book club meetings were held this semester, with book club members reading the books Denial and A Woman is No Man.

“I mainly joined the book club to feel more connected to my peers in the FSCS. On top of the social aspect, I’ve also enjoyed reading books that I wouldn’t have normally selected on my own. The diverse scope of books and engaging conversation with the other members has helped open my mind to consider new and different perspectives.”

- Megan Primeau, faculty member and book club member

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