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Interpretive Centre Virtual Tour

Your virtual-guided tour of the Interpretive Centre!

Tags: Vol. 1, Issue 3, March 2021

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Hello friends, and welcome to the tour! Today we will be visiting the Interpretive Centre’s website – your virtual connection to the heritage of the Lakeshore Grounds!

First, please navigate to the homepage of our site:


Our first stop today is the homepage. Recently redesigned for streamlined digital exploration, the page is your all-in-one toolkit to discover the histories that all share the Lakeshore Grounds region of South Etobicoke! The Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre is based out of Humber College’s Lakeshore Campus and charged with the mission to “Research, Preserve, and Share” the different histories of the area. You can explore virtual tours, a soundscape series, videos of past exhibits, and read our self-published Zine all from this page!

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You can select from three different themes:

A Day at the Lakeshore Teachers’ College

A Day at the Lakeshore Teachers’ College

A Mystery at Humber College

A Mystery at Humber College

Two Perspectives on the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital

Two Perspectives on the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital

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There are many stories that connect to the Lakeshore Grounds; on this page, we’ve organized the content by theme. The first theme offers an exploration of Indigenous heritage of the grounds, content that was made in partnership with Indigenous Education & Engagement. Other categories include histories of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, the natural histories of the Lakeshore Grounds and Colonel Samuel Smith Park, the Lakeshore Teachers’ College, the Lakeshore Grounds on film, and the neighborhoods that are close to campus.

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Next, the “Soundscape Series” offers several guided audio tours of the Lakeshore Grounds. You can download a map and audio tour to explore the route in person or opt to watch a video version from home. These immersive tour experiences were created by Maranda Tippins, a recent alumna of Humber College. Her tours help you to travel back to a moment in time, complete with imagined ambient audio of the time.


I’m afraid this is where our brief tour wraps up, but there is much more to explore on our social media channels! You can find the Interpretive Centre (@LakeshoreGrnds) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and YouTube. If you have any questions about our tour today, or want to reach out to learn more, please email us. Thanks for joining us!

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Once it’s safe to do so, we hope to see you on campus in a tour like this! Until then, stay safe!

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