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Lakeshore Campus on the Silver Screen

Tags: November 2022, Vol. 3, Issue 1

The Humber Lakeshore Grounds have been a popular setting for films, TV shows, and commercials since the late 1970s. Our campus has been home to many movie and television sets throughout the years, from blockbuster hits like Suicide Squad to Canadian classics like My Big Fat Greek Wedding. While the Humber Interpretive Centre is a excellent source to track which productions have filmed on the Lakeshore Campus, another tracker has been established through popular streaming platform Netflix.

Netflix has debuted an interactive map of Canada that identifies where movies and shows which they have produced were filmed. The map also showcases screen stills from the scenes where the locations were used to help viewers easily identify the surroundings and buildings. You can scroll or filter by film or show and explore different filming locations across the country.

Check out what Netflix has filmed at Humber’s Lakeshore Campus by interacting with the map here.

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