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Nuit Blanche Touches Down on Humber’s Lakeshore Campus

Tags: November 2022, Vol. 3, Issue 1

On Saturday, October 1st the Lakeshore Campus welcomed upwards of 10,000 visitors during our first ever Nuit Blanche event. Nuit Blanche is a city-wide exhibition featuring art projects from various artists. After years of only hosting art projects in the Toronto downtown core, in 2022 Nuit Blanche presented in various neighborhoods, including Don Mills, East Danforth, Bloor-Yorkville, Lakeshore, and Fort York.

This event hosted upwards of 15 art projects and installations, many of which were created by or in collaboration with Humber students or partnerships.

Humber offers several fellowships that have our students working closely with industry partners on projects. Two of these – the Nuit Blanche Fellowship and the Indigenous Transmedia Fellowship – saw our students create art projects that was part of this year’s Nuit Blanche event. Check out the below exhibits that featured Humber students and partners:

Stolen is a short fiction suspense thriller that’s inspired by the real-life horrors of the Sixties Scoop, the intergenerational impacts of which are still felt today. In the film, a young Indigenous mother wakes up one morning to discover her son is missing from their family home. Everyone she turns to for help either disbelieves her story or suspects her of wrongdoing.

Artists: Indigenous Transmedia Fellowship 2022, Sage Petahtegoose, Kendra Brightnose, Aaron Sinclair, Kenya Brown, Mekowasopesim Misquadis-Mack, Morgan Pannunzio

Medium: Film Installation

Native Enough is a seven-minute art film that presents the struggles Indigenous youth face in the modern world where they are confronted by offensive stereotypes, blood quantum laws, and family expectations. It stars Caitlyn Murphy-Eagleson and Dave Monday as two people struggling with their own individual identities. Audiences follow them as they share their emotional journey of being Indigenous youths in the modern-day world.

Artists: Sage Petahtegoose, Mykelti Knott, Jacob Rogers, Morgan Pannunzio, Mathew Magneson, Evan Bowman, Caitlyn Murphy-Eagleson, Dave Monday, Deanne Hupfield, John Hupfield

Medium: Film Installation

Tawitihiwin is a short documentary film that addresses 2-Spirit and gender identity discrimination within Indigenous communities. The title translates to “To have an open heart” and is woven through the stories of artists and spokespeople of the 2-Spirit community who share their experiences of celebrating their identities in the face of adversity.

Artists: Sage Petahtegoose, Kendra Brightnose, Morgan Pannunzio, Mathew Magneson

Medium: Film Installation

A Way Closer is a 10-minute interactive digital art piece that invites viewers to take on the role of an unnamed character trying to escape the commotions of everyday life. Inspired by Nuit Blanche Toronto’s curatorial theme, this immersive video game experience reflects on all the relationships people sometimes take for granted.

Artists: Nuit Blanche Fellowship 2021, Mason Victoria, Andres Arroyo, Dana Dabagh, Matt Greenwood, Dhaivat Jani, Hailey Nguyen, Mercedes Psenicnik, Mert Tanatmis

Medium: Digital Media

Together, Apart is a 15-minute immersive and interactive digital art projection that invites audiences to witness stories about migration, inclusion, distance, and acceptance, demonstrating how people emerge from hardship – sometimes stronger than ever before. It examines the vitality of storytelling by using a series of interviews conducted over the summer months, exploring everyday connections people have with their kin, culture, and land.

Artists: Mason Victoria, Ismail Ali, Arshdeep Boparai, Lucy Collingwood, Antony Grice, Ashley Meza-Wong, Joshua Ross, Roshane Wright, Adam Yee-Stewart

Medium: Installation

This event hosted upwards of 15 art projects and installations, many of which were created by or in collaboration with Humber students or partnerships.

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