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Outdoor Teaching Sit Upons

Tags: November 2022, Vol. 3, Issue 1

To support sustainable, Indigenous and interactive outdoor education the Lakeshore Principal’s Office (in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences) has purchased a set of 50 foam sit-upons. The sit-upons are light, durable and waterproof cushions which can be used to establish or support an outdoor classroom. Our campus is surrounded by beautiful nature and scenery, these cushions were procured to support faculty who believe moving curriculum to an outdoor setting will be beneficial for learning outcomes. We hope these cushions help to reduce barriers for learning outdoors.

We encourage our faculty to take advantage of warmer fall temperatures over the next couple months and connect students learning to the beautiful naturalized wild spaces or our sculptural open spaces on our campus.

Stay tuned for more information about where the sit-upons will be stored and how you can sign out a set for your class. Once a system is established, all faculty members from across the college can sign out the sit-upons.

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