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Active Attacker Drill

Tags: November 2022, Vol. 3, Issue 1

Humber’s annual Active Attacker Drill aims at testing safety procedures and ensure community members know how to respond in the unlikely event of an active attacker on campus. Run through the Department of Public Safety, these drills are a major contributor to everyone’s security on all campuses.

Yevhen Vorotylko, second year Police Foundations (PFP) student, had the opportunity to volunteer at the recent drill.

He said of the experience “Humber College is a perfect institution to study Police Foundations, as they provide students with endless volunteering opportunities and community building resources. When I volunteered for the annual active attacker drill, I expected to learn about important critical measures to protect our campus, but I got a lot more out of it than that.

I gained more insight into organizational components responsible for planning and ensuring our safety variables are functioning as they should. The debrief session was open minded and gave everyone equal opportunity to reflect based on what they saw, and showed the importance of team cooperation to ensure long-term success. And I was very happy to learn how serious and dedicated Humber is on safety and well-being of its community. This experience taught me the importance of not being afraid to use the resources provided, especially for those in Policing studies, as a service sector that focuses on working with people and our communities.

Such opportunities provide invaluable skills and knowledge for when we step out in the real world.”

Learn more about what to do in the event of an active attacker on campus. Online training is also available.

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