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BBS Graduates are Guests at a Research Event for Current Students

Tags: December 2021, Vol. 2, Issue 2

In late September, Bachelor of Behavioural Science (BBS) faculty Dr. Tami Rankin, organized an inaugural BBS research event for BBS graduates and current 4th year students. The purpose was for graduates to share their experiences in completing their thesis, by presenting their research questions, research methodologies, and results. They were honest and shared how stressful doing their thesis was, but also talked about the sense of pride and accomplishment they felt when they published their final documents. Current students had a chance to ask the graduates questions and obtain useful information about the process of designing and conducting formal research.

The overall feedback from current students was extremely positive. They appreciated hearing from students who had successfully written a thesis, and left feeling more optimistic and motivated.

South African young women speaking to a group.

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