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CE Courses for Staff

Tags: March 2022, Vol. 2, Issue 3

As part of Humber’s Professional Development policy, staff can take advantage of a variety of funded courses, at a reduced tuition cost of only $20 per course.

Ayesha Amin, Global Learning and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator at the Faculty of Social and Community Services (FSCS), is currently enrolled in her second CE course, ASL 102, through this opportunity.

“I knew I wanted to take a CE course but wasn’t sure which one to take. I decided to try ASL 101 last semester, and I really enjoyed it. I met other Humber staff and students from across the college, and people from totally different walks of life who I would have never met, that have become buddies of mine. I learned a good foundation for ASL and enjoyed practicing it a lot, so I signed up for ASL 102 this semester.”

There are many courses that are available through different Faculties, to staff who meet eligibility criteria. Interested staff can have a look at courses available each semester here and contact the Office of the Registrar to inquire about courses they may be interested in.

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