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Forensic Identification Lab

Tags: November 2021, Vol. 2, Issue 1

Forensic evidence plays a crucial role in the investigative and court process. As part of the Forensic Identification Graduate Certificate Program, students learn the steps involved in locating, searching and documenting scenes, including surface scatter remains and clandestine graves from a forensic perspective. Emphasis is placed on the recovery of physical evidence without contamination of the scene. This clandestine recovery of remains involved hands-on group work with an emphasis on identifying the search area and datum point, documenting (photographs, notes, sketches) and collection of physical evidence.

student measuring bones

“The excavation lab was a great experience where we got the opportunity to apply the knowledge we’ve learnt throughout the semester. It was very interactive and allowed my peers and I to experience the various roles of a forensic officer and also develop key skills that we’ll need in the field. I’m excited for the rest of the semester!”

– Babneet Channa, FI student

two students on field

“I have so many positive thoughts about the lab! What I like about this program is how hands on it is, despite covid everyone has worked hard to make it as hands on as possible for us and a perfect example was that lab! It involved team work and communication which I’m sure is a huge part of working in this field. It allowed us to apply all the theory we learned during class and helped us to understand the content much more! Actually doing the work and learning it are two very different things and this lab definitely helped me remember everything I was learning. With guidance and some fun we were able to successfully complete the lab and get a small look into what it’s like working in the field!”

– Serena DiBattista, FI student

3 students doing fieldwork

“With being restricted to the amount of in-person meetings and collaborative work due to the pandemic for a while now, it was exciting to hear that as a class we would be able to experience the forensic labs Humber has to offer, in person! The Recovery of Remains lab allowed me to not only get hands-on experience; but my hands literally quite dirty from all the excavation digging! Truly an interesting and enlightening experience for the next generation of forensic workers!”

– Karolina Kasprzyk, FI student

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